Kymera Jetboard

If you’re a water sports enthusiast who dreams of flying through the ocean waves, but don’t like surfing, there is now an alternative…the Kymera Bodyboard. Powered by a solar-powered, lithium-ion battery pack, it has a top speed of 18mph (25mph for propane-powered model) and caught the attention of search and rescue (SAR) teams and lifeguards. Continue reading for two more videos and information.

“Worried about not being able to find a power outlet at the beach? Woods has also created a solar charging station for the Kymera designed to be mounted on the roof of a lifeguard tower or incorporated into a vehicle’s roof rack. Even though you’re probably itching to take one for a spin, you’ll have to wait: the Kymera will cost around US$5,000,” according to Inhabitat.

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