WD Elements Desktop Hard Drive
WD’s 6TB Elements Desktop USB 3.0 Hard Drive is a fast and easy way to add extra storage to just about any computer, all for $99.99 shipped, today only, originally $189.99. This desktop storage solution with zippy USB 3.0 connectivity offers reliable, high-capacity, add-on storage, fast data transfer rates and universal connectivity with USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 devices. Product page. Read more for an unboxing video and additional information.

FRAME Flexible OLED Display Laptop
Photo credit: Hyeong Seop Lee
How about an all-in-one device that can be used as a laptop, desktop or digital picture frame? Meet FRAME. If you’re not familiar with this technology, OLED displays can be manufactured on flexible plastic substrates, which leads to the possibility of fabrication of flexible organic light-emitting diodes for other new applications, such as roll-up displays embedded in fabrics or clothing. If a substrate like polyethylene terephthalate (PET) is used, they may be produced inexpensively, while still maintaining their durability, as plastic substrates are shatter-resistant, unlike the glass displays used in LCD devices. Read more for additional pictures and information.

Razer DeathAdder Elite

Razer’s DeathAdder Elite Gaming Mouse not only offers a high-precision 16,000 DPI optical sensor, but customizable Chroma RGB color profiles as well, all for $37.99 shipped, today only, originally $69.99. Ultra durable mechanical switches support up to 50 million clicks, while a ridged, rubberized scroll wheel offers maximum accuracy and tactile bumps ensure extreme grip for more controlled scrolling in high-stakes gaming situations. There are also 7 total programmable buttons that can be remapped for complex macro functions through Razer Synapse. Product page. Read more for a video review and additional information.

NVIDIA Jetson Nano

NVIDIA’s Jetson Nano is basically an artificial intelligence computer that makes it possible to create millions of intelligent systems. Available as a $99 devkit for developers and the $129 production-ready module, this tiny CUDA-X AI computer delivers 472 GFLOPS of compute performance for running modern AI workloads and is highly power-efficient, consuming as little as 5 watts. Not only does it support high-resolution sensors, process many sensors in parallel and run multiple modern neural networks on each sensor stream, it also supports many popular AI frameworks, making it easy for developers to integrate their preferred models and frameworks into the product. Read more for a video showing Intelligent Video Analytics for 8 channels at 1080P 30FPS powered by DeepStream SDK running on a Jetson Nano.

Apple 2019 iMac

Apple today refreshed its iMac line with up to 8-core Intel 9th-generation processors and powerful AMD Vega Pro graphics options, delivering impressive increases in both compute and graphics performance. The 21.5-inch iMac (starts at $1,299) now boasts 8th-generation quad-core, and for the first time 6-core processors that deliver up to 60% faster performance, while the 27-inch model (starts at $1,799) can be configured with 9th-generation 6-core and 8-core processors, delivering up to 2.4 times faster performance. Read more for another video and additional information.

Manta Mouse Computer
Photo credit: Alberto Aguado Baudil
Manta rays are sea creatures characterized by triangular pectoral fins, horn-shaped cephalic fins and large, forward-facing mouths. If you were to transform one of them into a functional computer mouse, it would probably look something like the “Manta Mouse” by industrial designer Alberto Aguado Baudil. There are no fancy LEDs, but this computer accessory was designed for the ultimate in comfort. Read more for additional pictures and information.

The Hemisphere Computer Mouse

Photo credit: Yanko Design
Technically speaking, a computer mouse is essentially a handheld pointing device that detects two-dimensional motion relative to a surface, which is translated into the motion of a pointer on a display to allow for smooth control of the graphical user interface. Did you know that computer engineer Bill English helped inventor Douglas Engelbart build the first mouse prototype in 1964? We’ve come a long way since then, and have seen countless versions of this device over the years, and the latest is “The Hemisphere” by industrial designer Deokhee Jeong. Read more for additional pictures and information.

Colorful NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti Kudan

NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX 2080 Ti is a pricey graphics card to say the least, but things just got a lot more expensive, thanks to Colorful’s limited edition iGame Kudan model. This Steampunk-inspired card will be limited to just 1,000-units and priced at a whopping $3,000. It’s not all about the looks, as it does come factory overclocked to 1,800MHz, and for comparison, the Founder’s Edition clocks in at 1,635MHz, while 1,545MHz for a reference card. Other upgrades include a triple-slot cooler that combines air and water cooling with three fans as well as numerous heatpipes. Read more for additional pictures and information.

GPD Win 2

The GPD Win 2 is a handheld computer that not only runs Windows 10, but allows you to play Overwatch just about anywhere. Despite its size, this device packs a 6-inch SHARP display, Intel Core Kaby Lake m3-7Y30 processor, Intel HD Graphics 615, 8GB of LPDDR3 RAM, 128GB M.2 SSD, and two 4900mAh high-capacity, high-density polymer lithium batteries good for around 6~8 hours on a single charge. More information. Read more for a video review and additional information.

MicroSD Card PCI Express NVMe

The SD Association has just announced microSD Express, a next-generation memory card storage standard that uses PCI Express and NVMe interfaces for SD cards to deliver incredibly fast data read and write speeds available in three versions: microSDHC Express, microSDXC Express, and microSDUC Express. All of these new cards follow SD 7.1 specification, and contain a second row of pins for the PCIe 3.1 as well as NVMe 1.3 technology. Read more for another video and additional information.