Needle Painting

Photo credit: Vera Shimunia

3D printers can be used to create just about anything these days, but these magnificent art pieces were all created by hand by artist Vera Shimunia from St Petersburg, Russia. That’s right, these needle paintings are exactly as they sound – intricately stitched threads that together form a stunning palm-sized masterpiece. The needle paintings are so popular that ever single one of her pieces have sold out online. Continue reading for more pictures.

Illuminated Drone Glacier

Photo credit: Reuben Wu

Photographer Reuben Wu was fortunate enough to make a trip to Pastoruri Glacier in Peru, and captured these surreal images that almost look computer-generated. “At 17,000ft [5,250m], it was a physical challenge to reach the glacier, compounded by the fact that I was shooting at night and under freezing conditions. This glacier is receding at a shocking rate due to climate change and as a result there has been a huge drop in tourism and an impact on the local community. With this series, I felt like this was an attempt to document an endangered landscape which may not exist in a decade,” said Wu to Peta Pixel. Continue reading for more pictures and information.

Disney Pokemon Evolution

Photo credit: Ry-Spirit via Bored Panda

If Disney ever created Pokemon-style evolutions for some of their most famous characters, it might look something like these creations by an artist who goes by “Ry-Spirit”. “My inspiration comes from pop culture. I really like drawing fan art, when its a game I like or a movie I enjoy, I just want to draw it and add my little touches to it to make it my own. This one time, I thought ‘mm this would be interesting’ when the idea of combining the two things I love – Disney and Pokemon – popped into my head. Thought I would have a little fun with the idea and now I can’t stop making these Disney Evolution characters,” said the artist. Continue reading for more.

Geometric Pastries

Photo credit: Dinara Kasko via Twisted Sifter

Dinara Kasko, a culinary artist from Ukraine, has become a social media star, thanks to her edible masterpieces. These geometric designs are first created in 3D-modeling program, 3D Studio MAX, and then the files are used to make actual cake molds. What happens next? Lots of work to get the final pastries looking picture perfect. continue reading for more.

Bumblebee Transformers Scrap Metal

Photo credit: Kreat Works via Bored Panda

Thailand-based KreatWorks specializes in transforming scrap metal and other recycled materials into incredible sculptures, like the Bumblebee you see above. Don’t have the money or space for a massive piece? They also can make you a mini sculpture of everything from Darth Vader to Wall-E. One caveat: if you want the former, each large sculpture takes one artist approximately 45-60 days to complete. Continue reading for more pictures.

DIY Camera Periscope

Photo credit: Peta Pixel

Alex of the YouTube channel “I Did a Thing” recently uploaded a video showing how you can make a DIY periscope to film underwater with just about any camera for a mere $10. The main components you’ll need are a PVC pipe, PVC elbow joint, a sheet of glass from picture frame, and a bargain store mirror. Simply attach the glass to serve as an underwater window, attach the mirror at a 45° to one end of the PVC pipe, glue everything together, and you’re ready to shoot. Continue reading for more pictures and information.

Nike Mag Sculpture

Photo credit: Filfury

Phill Robson, better known as “Filfury” on Instagram, is a designer specializes in transforming Nike Basketball, Adidas and Reebok sneakers into works of art. These one-of-a-kind 3D sculptures depict animals, insects, or just random objects that showcase the various textures of his favorite sneakers, like the Nike Mag wolf head above. Continue reading for more.

Warrior Ariel Disney

Photo credit: Artemii Myasnikov via Bored Panda

Whether it be Mera from Aquaman or a Mad Max-inspired outfit, Disney princesses, like The Little Mermaid’s Ariel, would look a lot cooler in warrior form. Russian artist Artemii Myasnikov specializes in just this. How did this series all begin? “One night I was watching the ‘Disenchantment’ series with my wife and we started a discussion on what we like/dislike about the main character. One of the things we both liked is how wasn’t a damsel in distress, unlike most of the princesses in Disney movies. I immediately wanted to draw a Snow White (because to me she’s the most damsel-in-distress-y princess ever) that would be armed, dangerous, and in charge of her own fate. That’s how the sequence started,” the artist told Bored Panda. Continue reading for more.

Inside a Cello

Photo credit: Adrian Borda

Adrian Borda, an artist and photographer from Reghin, Romania, was inspired by a print campaign for the Berlin Philharmonic, which involved snapping photos inside old instruments, for his latest project. So, he took a Sony NEX-6 camera with Samyang 8mm fisheye lens, placed it inside a cello, and then used a smart remote to capture these amazing shots. Continue reading for more.

Drone Light Symbols

Photo credit: Reuben Wu

Photographer Reuben Wu is no stranger to light-equipped drones, as he used them in a previous series to illuminate landscapes and create halos over rock pinnacles. Now, he’s back at it again, and created glowing symbols, which were created by lighting rig-equipped drones tracing waters over the Pacific Ocean and Lake Michigan. Continue reading for more pictures and information.