Newspaper Sculpture Art Battleship
Photo credit: Atsushi Adachi
Japanese artist Atsushi Adachi didn’t want to throw out his old newspaper clippings, so he turns them into amazing sculptures, battleships included. He’s been intrigued with battleships, combat planes and other military gear since childhood, when he used to visit Self-Defense Force and American Armed Forces bases. Afterwards, he attempted to make 3D models of what he saw. Read more for a video and additional information.

He considers newspaper the perfect medium for his designs since they are a time machine of sorts, embodying society’s values of that time period, thus by building models of various things using newspapers from that era, he’s able to relive those periods.

I am on a quest to embed memories in ‘things’, as well as in search of those memories,” said Adachi to Otakumonde in an interview.

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