Saudi Arabia Mirror Vertical Skyscraper Neom The Line
Called ‘The Line’, 75-mile-long mirrored desert skyscraper city in NEOM, Saudi Arabia will consist of two buildings that run parallel to each other, stretching across the desert, mountains and coastal terrains. Both of the sideways skyscrapers will be connected with walkways, while abundant vertical farms aim to feed the residents.

This near $1-trillion project is so massive that engineers are planning to use struts to take the Earth’s curvature into consideration during the construction phase. A high-speed transportation system will keep residents connected. Plus, a carbon neutral stadium is set to be built 1,000-feet above ground. Who knows? Maybe this city will even have a Skypod elevator, which travels on the outside of a skyscraper using maglev technology.

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Saudi Arabia Mirror Vertical Skyscraper Neom
Photo credit: The Sun

At NEOM, we strive to be at the forefront of providing new and innovative solutions, and today we are determined to implement the idea of ‘Building to the Top’ through a team led by NEOM and a group of the brightest minds. NEOM is one of the most important projects of the Saudi Vision 2030 and The Line is an affirmation of our firm commitment to presenting a project to the whole world, NEOM is a place for those who dream of a better tomorrow,” said the crown prince