Invisible Mirror Cabin Arcana
While not as daring as the cliff-hanging Air Cabin, this mirror cabin by Arcana was designed to blend into its surrounding forest in Ontario, Canada. The designers were aiming for something that respected the ‘power and beauty’ of nature, while still being safe to wildlife. To accomplish this, they applied a film to all of the reflective surfaces that allows birds to identify the cabin as an object in the landscape.

Starbucks Bang Olufsen South Korea Hanok Design
Samsung partnered with Starbucks recently, so it’s no surprise that Danish high-end consumer electronics company Bang & Olufsen decided to do the same. This time, the two companies joined forces to open a new South Korea store with a Hankok-inspired design in Daegu. It was apparently built inside the Daegu Jongno Old House, a reinterpretation of a 100-year-old structure where tradition and modern beauty coexist.

Futuro House UFO
A Futuro house isn’t some UFO movie prop, but rather a real-life living space in which less than 100-units were built during the late 1960s and early 1970s. This particular one was built in 1974 and has been fully restored, keeping the original theme as well as 1970s vibe. Inside, you’ll find a few modern touches as well, including designer furniture (Luici Colani, etc.) and a game room with retro arcade machines.

Charlie Solar Floating Home 25-Years
Charlie built an off-the-grid floating home 25-years-ago after retiring from his foresting job and has been living there ever since. His wife Ellen joined him in 2016 on this solar-powered living space that spans 900-square-feet over 2-levels. Most of the wood used in the build was milled by Charlie himself, while a hydraulic splitter can be found in the workstation to make splitting the pieces easier for additions.

Floating Seahorse Villa House
Dubai’s Floating Seahorse Villa project by the Kleindienst Group was first unveiled back in 2015, and since then, not much has been seen or heard about them. Recently, a few in-depth tours have surfaced, with one by real estate expert Enes Yilmazer taking you through a $4.7-million USD house. There are a total of 131 units available, with a handful of them being Signature Editions that can cost upwards of $20-million.