Game Boy


PiBoy DMG Raspberry Pi 4
Many know that the Raspberry Pi 4 is a powerful mini computer that some have already turned into portable game consoles, but Experimental Pi’s PiBoy DMG is the first to offer a complete kit. In other words, you won’t have to fabricate anything yourself. You can either get a DIY base kit or a fully assembled version, complete with the Raspberry Pi 4. Read more for two hands-on videos and additional information.

95-year-old Grandmother Game Boy Nintendo
There was a story in Asahi Shimbun, one of Japan’s largest newspapers, from 70-year-old Kuniko Tsusaka who recounted how her mother always played Tetris on a Game Boy, but when she turned 95, it suddenly stopped working. It was her third Game Boy since she started playing, but unfortunately, there are no stores in Chiba selling a new or used unit, nor were any shops able to fix the broken device. Tsusaka’s son knew that Nintendo has had excellent customer service, and the rest is history. Read more for an unboxing video and additional information.

Retroflag GPi Raspberry Pi Computer Game Boy
Photo credit: Reddit
Retroflag’s GPi case transforms the Raspberry Pi Zero into a Game Boy-like console that can play various titles through emulation. There have been many custom-built handhelds similar to this one, but now, Retroflag has taken all of the drilling, cutting, and soldering out of the build, since their case comes completely assembled. Simply install the included Raspberry Pi Zero-W in the cart (pogopin connector), put in AA batteries, and you’ll be ready to play. Product page. Read more for a video and additional information.

Limited Run Games Star Wars
Limited Run Games partnered with LucasArts to release physical cartridges of Star Wars for the Nintendo Entertainment System and Game Boy packaged in what looks like toy boxes from the 1980s. Unfortunately, these games won’t come with any limited edition action figures, but we do know that both will be available this Friday, June 28th, alongside Bounty Hunter, which only comes in a standard PS4 box. Read more for the official Tweet and additional information.

Nintendo Game Boy ASMR
You’ve probably heard of ASMR, or the autonomous sensory meridian response, and it refers to an experience characterized by a static-like or tingling sensation on the skin that typically begins on the scalp and moves down the back of the neck and upper spine. YouTube user “Odd Tinkering” may have unintentionally created one of the geekiest ASMR videos about the Nintendo Game Boy. “As a 90’s kid I thought it would be cool to restore a Gameboy. Or should I say retrore. I bought this one from Japan. It’s obviously dirty but it’s also very yellow no rust this time,” said Odd Tinkering. Read more for the clip and additional information.

Nintendo Game Boy Gulf War

Anyone who grew up with the original Nintendo Entertainment System or Game Boy probably had quite a few mishaps, whether it be accidentally dropping the console or submerging it in water, but what about surviving a Gulf War bombing? There’s this original Game Boy from 1989 that belonged to a medic named Stephan Scoggins. It was placed inside barracks in the Middle East during a bombing and was shortly sent to Nintendo for repair afterwards with a note saying” “Fortunately, this Game Boy, several Game Paks and sundry other personal items were the only casualties claimed by a fire.” It can be seen at the Nintendo Store in New York. Read more for more footage of this remarkable game console running Tetris.

Game Boy Ad 1989
The first handheld in Nintendo’s Game Boy lineup was released in Japan on April 21, 1989, then North America, three months later, and lastly in Europe the following year. It portable game console was designed by the same team that developed the Game & Watch and several Nintendo Entertainment System games, thus it combined features from both the NES home system and Game & Watch hardware. Featuring a green dot-matrix screen with adjustable contrast dial, five control buttons, a 2-voice speaker with adjustable volume dial, and cartridges as physical media for games. Read more for five commercials you probably never seen or knew about.

Chipzel Game Boy R-Type Music

Photo credit: Joe Sutherland / The Verge
Niamh Houston, also known as Chipzel, was fascinated by the Nintendo Game Boy when she received the console and Super Mario Land for Christmas many years ago. During those days, she plugged in a small speaker to amplify the Game Boy sounds, as she says: “I remember the music the most. It was really raw and beautiful, and unlike anything else that you’d hear.” Today, she’s a big part of the chiptune scene, where you make new songs using old video game hardware, and for her, that means two Game Boy units. Read more to watch one of her performances in Tokyo.

Clockwork Pi GameShell Kit Review
The GameShell Kit is the coolest DIY portable game console that we’ve come across yet, and it’s fully hackable without needing any additional hardware, just some basic programming knowledge. This modular device is powered by ClockworkPI, a development board with an integrated CPU, WI-FI, PMU chip, and multimedia functions, all packed into an extremely small form factor running on embedded GNU/Linux. We recently got our hands on a unit, courtesy of Clockwork Tech LLC, and it managed to surpass all of our expectations. Get one here now. Read more for our full review.

Nintendo Flex Game Boy
Photo credit: YJ Yoon
The Nintendo Switch is set to get a refresh some time this year, and it already has a playable version of Fortnite, but what if the company were to go back to the basics and re-release the Game Boy? If that happened, it might look something like the Nintendo Flex. This portable game console retains a similar button layout with flush body-colored buttons and replaces the traditional cartridge slot out back with a microSD expansion of sorts that doubles as a power switch on the side. Read more for additional pictures and information.