64 Bits Demake Digital Extreme Warframe SNES
Digital Extremes’ Warframe is an online third-person shooter that was first released in 2013 on Windows, but has since made its way to several consoles including the PlayStation 5. The developers partnered with 64 Bits to demake their game for the Super Nintendo, drawing inspiration from classic titles like Axelay, Space Harrier, Super Turrican, Contra 3, and Super Metroid.

One big hurdle the team had to overcome was the top-down shooter part for the Railjack section, mainly due to mimicking the depth of Axelay and the way the projectiles would move with the background/planet. They tried hard to replicate the Mode 7 effects, which blew them away on the original Super Nintendo console. As for the most exciting part to animate, it would be when Excalibur is riding his K-Drive with the Profit-Taker in the background.

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In terms of sprite-art, I would say the first scene with the battle against Vor since it needed the most animation for Excalibur, including somersaults and smooth sword attacks. Also design-wise, trying to get the Grineer soldier and Vor including the portrait right was quite a lot of work since they both needed to be kept in the same style as Excalibur,” said the 64 Bits team.


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