3D-Printed DSLR Lens Adapter Game Boy Camera
Sam McKenzie just so happened to have a functional Game Boy Camera, so he wondered what kind of photos would be possible with a DSLR lens. Fortunately, Thingverse had plans for a lens adapter you could 3D print at home, thus the project began. In the end, a classic Game Boy Camera with 70-200mm lens was used to capture a few photographs, with one of them being printed onto canvas. Read more for a video and additional information.

This project isn’t as daunting as it may first seem, as all that is required is for you to 3D print the adapter, take apart the Game Boy Camera, and then attach the new lens mount to the front. Once that’s completed, you’ll be able to shoot pixelated 0.1-megapixel portraits like never before with a Game Boy Camera.

Canon IVY Mini Photo Printer for Smartphones (Slate Gray) - Sticky-back prints, Pocket-size
  • Print from Bluetooth and social media
  • Print 2"x3" Photos with peel and stick backing
  • Super portable
  • Disclaimer: requires mobile device to be connected to the Canon ivy mini photo printer via Bluetooth and the Canon mini print app, available for free on the app store and at Google Play. Compatible with Mobile devices running iOS 9. 0 or later, and Android devices running Android 4. 4 or later

But, after blowing our budget on the 3D printer, we didn’t have enough to purchase a now rare Game Boy Printer, so we took the Game Boy Camera and brought it into 2020 by having the results printed onto canvas professionally,” said its creator.