Macau Grand Prix Crash

Sophia Floersch, a 17-year-old German female driver, fractured her spine in a horrific crash at the Formula Three Macau Grand Prix 2018, and spent at least 7-hours in surgery Monday. As you can see, the surreal footage shows gasps from the crowd as the Van Amersfoort Racing driver’s car flew through the air in and into safety netting at the sharp Guia Circuit’s Lisboa bend. She lost control in a contact down the straight, launched off a curb, and then bounced off Tsuboi’s TOM’s Racing car. Read more for another video from a different viewpoint and additional information.

A417 Britain's Biggest Speed Camera
Photo credit: SWNS via Peta Pixel
The A417, also known as “The Long Ranger”, was unveiled by Gloucestershire police and is now Britain’s biggest speed camera. It’s capable of spotting license plates from 1,000 meters or 3/5 of a mile away, thanks to a Canon 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS telephoto zoom lens. In addition to ultra clear photos, the camera can also record video of people inside their vehicles. So, if you just so happen to be driving between Gloucestershire and Wiltshire, make sure you’re not speeding, tailgating, etc. Read more for additional photos and information.

Bending New iPad Pro

Popular YouTube user “JerryRigEverything” decided to test the durability of Apple’s new 11-inch iPad Pro, and as you may have already guessed, the tablet quickly cracked and then folded under pressure. Some claim that it’s due to its expansive use of flat aluminum on the back, as well as the new flat edges for charging the Apple Pencil. Unless you’re another popular video creator with millions of subscribers to earn you ad revenue, we don’t recommend trying this at home, even with Apple Care. Read more for more fascinating images.

Photoshop CC Content-Aware Fill New

Adobe’s Photoshop CC October 2018 update adds several new functions, including a new Content-Aware Fill workspace that lets you change the selected source and adapt content based on rotation, scale, and mirroring. Previously, the software was limited to a simple select and delete functionality. In other words, the Content-Aware fill tool can now replace missing sections of a photo with something that doesn’t exist perfectly in the original itself, thanks to artificial intelligence. Read more for another in-depth video along with additional information.

Google Pixel Night Sight

Photo credit: Peta Pixel
The Google Pixel 3 / 3XL are claimed by many to have the best smartphone cameras on the market today, and rightfully so. They not only take stunning photos, but pack lots of AI features, including “Night Sight”. This mode that lets you shoot incredible photos in extremely low light conditions without requiring flash. “Night Sight is a new feature of the Pixel Camera app that lets you take sharp, clean photographs in very low light, even in light so dim you can’t see much with your own eyes. It works on the main and selfie cameras of all three generations of Pixel phones, and does not require a tripod or flash,” said Google. Read more for another video, additional pictures and information.

World's Largest Polaroid

Photo credit: Analog Things
The Polaroid 20×24 camera is exactly as it sounds…a very large instant camera with film plates that measure 20 by 24 inches (51 cm × 61 cm), although at least one example takes pictures that are 23 by 36 inches. They aren’t for sale, but can be hired for use from various Polaroid agents around the world. Well known photographers such as Elsa Dorfman and Timothy Greenfield-Sanders, have used this heavy wheeled-chassis camera for at least one of their shoots. Photographer Marco Christian Krenn of Analog Things decided to drop by Supersense in Vienna to show just how this rare camera works. Read more for a video of another large Polaroid camera.

NASA ISS Photography

Photo credit: Peta Pixel
Nikon’s D5 is no entry level camera by any means, but just how much does it cost to ship to the International Space Station? The number might astound you. For starters, it costs $10,000 per pound when transporting things to the ISS, and the camera (3.11-pounds), along with a $500 Nikon 1.4x teleconverter (0.4-pounds) and $16,300 Nikon 800mm f/5.6E lens (10.10-pounds) totals $23,300, at 13.61-pounds. At the very low end, it costs NASA $136,100 to ship this camera kit without any packaging or accessories. Read more for another video and additional information.

Distracted Boyfriend LEGO

Photo credit: Dylan Maithonis / Antonio Guillem
For those who have no idea what the “Distracted Boyfriend meme, also known as “Man Looking at Other Woman”, is about, it’s basically a stock photo series in which a man looks at the back of a woman walking by while his significant other looks on disapprovingly. Northern California-based Photographer Dylan Maithonis decided to recreate this scene using nothing but LEGO bricks. Read more to see the entire LEGO setup, which consists of three minifigs and lots of makeshift props.


Photo credit: Barcroft Cars

Towing company owner Steve Francis has spent years customizing just about everything on his 1989 Isuzu LS SpaceCab truck and transforming it into near unrecognizable “Trucktopus”. Modifications include: lowering the body by 3.5-inches, adding six 20-inch wheels, swapping in a V8 engine, and even installing suicide doors. “When you get that feeling of winning a ‘best of show’, a ‘best overall’, that is such an incredible feeling and adrenaline rush. I always like to be different and I don’t like to leave anything stock. It’s taken me about 20 years to customise the truck to the state it’s in now, so the man-hours on this vehicle are totally epic,” he told BarCroft Cars. Read more for a selection of interesting images from around the web.

RED Hydrogen One Review

RED HYDROGEN LLC officially launched its very first smartphone, the RED HYDROGEN One, on November 2, 2018. It’s touted as “the world’s first holographic media machine that fits in your pocket.” Just to recap, this $1,300 device features a Snapdragon 835 CPU, Holographic 4-View (H4V) technology with front / back Holographic 4-View recording capability, multi-dimensional surround sound, a modular system that lets you add additional modules, and it’s ARCore enabled so you can try new AR experiences that transform the way you play, shop, learn, create and experience the world with others. Is it worth the money? Many early reviewers don’t think so. Read more for hands-on pictures, another video review, and additional information.