Monopoly Gamer Sonic Edition
Hasbro’s Monopoly Gamer Sonic The Hedgehog Edition lets you move around the game board as Sonic, Tails, Amy, or Knuckles, while buying iconic properties such as Planet Wisp and Rooftop Run, all for $15.89, today only, originally $24.99. Pass go to trigger a cooperative boss fight, drop to collect rings on board spaces, earn chaos Emeralds as well as Chao tokens, and activate characters’ Unique powers. Product page. Read more for a hands-on video review and additional information.

New Sonic the Hedgehog Movie Trailer
Sonic the Hedgehog was originally slated for release on November 8, 2019, but after a very negative reaction to Sonic’s design in the first trailer, which was released on April 30th, Paramount decided to delay the film until February 14, 2020, pledging to redesign the main character. Today, they released a new trailer showing exactly what they’ve been working on these past few months. Read more for the video and additional information.

Jim Carrey Doctor Eggman
Paramount has just released thefirst trailer of the live-action “Sonic the Hedgehog” movie, and we get a first look at actor Jim Carrey playing Sonic’s nemesis Dr. Robotnik. We also see Sonic, voiced by “Parks and Recreation” star Ben Schwartz, zipping through forests and taking out the entire energy grid while sprinting along the highway. It hits theaters on Nov. 8 in the US. Read more for the trailer and a reaction video.

We all know that Sonic is based on a hedgehog, but in the games, he’s not really a realistic representation of the animal. However, this Worth1000.com member decided to show us just what a real-life version would look like. That’s not all, we’ve rounded up more viral images, courtesy of Imgur, for your viewing enjoyment. Click here to see our favorites. Continue reading for some of the most popular videos today.

Nearly all video game fans are familiar with the blue hedgehog, but here’s something you may not have known: “Sonic’s first true voice actor was Takeshi Kusao for the arcade game SegaSonic the Hedgehog, with Junichi Kanemaru continually voicing the role beginning with the release of Sonic Adventure.” Click here to see more amazing fan art. Continue reading to watch a trailer for an amazing Sonic fan film.

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