Sway Motorsports Leaning Electric Trike

Take a Segway, add a seat, along with a third wheel, and you have Sway Motorsports’ all-electric leaning trike. Currently three models of the Sway are being produced, with top speeds ranging from 35mph to 70mph. When the lithium-ion battery is fully-charged, you can get up to 60-miles. Plus, there’s an additional 8kW electric motor on the rear wheel for extra power. Continue reading for two videos, including a Shark Tank segment, and more information.

“The scooter is the spare time project of IDEO toy-designer and Rhode Island School of Design alumnus, Joe Wilcox. Prior to his current stint at IDEO, Wilcox worked at NASA’s Johnson Space Center and MIT on various space-oriented projects. I’m not one for arguments from authority, but it’s probably fair to say that Wilcox knows a thing or two about design. As for that tilting mass, the scooter’s tilting steering mechanism is perhaps its most eye-catching feature, and is probably best observed in motion,” reports Gizmag.