Floppy Drive Songs

YouTube user “MrSolidSnake745” is known for his floppy drive renditions of popular songs, and for July 4th, he decided to upload a special version of “The Star Spangled Banner”. For those who have no idea what floppy drives are, in the early 1980s, a number of manufacturers introduced smaller floppy drives and media in various formats. A consortium of 21 companies eventually settled on a 3.5-inch floppy disk (actually 90 mm wide) a.k.a. Micro diskette, Micro disk, or Micro floppy, similar to a Sony design, but improved to support both single-sided and double-sided media, with formatted capacities generally of 360 KB and 720 KB respectively. Single-sided drives shipped in 1983, and double sided in 1984. What became the most common format, the double-sided, high-density (HD) 1.44 MB disk drive, shipped in 1986. Continue reading for more.

5. Anaconda

4. Moonlight Sonata

3. Super Mario World Athlete’s Rag

2. Darude Sandstorm

1. Imperial March

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