Rinspeed XchangE

When you combine a Tesla Model S that can drive itself with lots of futuristic gadgets, the Rinspeed XchangE is the result. Rinspeed modified the exterior with special trim, but the interior was modeled after a business-class cabin on a jetliner, complete with plush, reclining front seats that include folding foot rests. The steering wheel slides out of the way so that the driver can read, conduct video conferences, or even make an espresso. Front occupants can either spin their seats around to face passengers, or, if no one is in the rear, the backrest folds down to expose a huge 4K display. Continue reading for a video and more information.

” Don’t worry about being a backseat (or front seat) driver to your AI’s road handling; in the XchangE you’ll be too busy gazing at any of the four screens in the vehicle, including a 32-inch 4K monitor in the back. How will you see it? The seats have been redesigned to slide, tilt and even swivel, so you can turn your back to the road and focus on that intense curling match on NBC. The steer-by-wire system lets the steering wheel slide to the middle of the dashboard, giving you plenty of room to kick back,” reports Hi Consumption.

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