A crisp, full-color 1.7-inch LCD display cohabits on Insignia’ NS-2V17B player in a layout that’s both sleek and easy to use. Other features include 2GB of built-in storage, microSD memory card slot, USB 2.0-connectivity for easy file transfers, and up to 25-hours of continuous playback. Also recommended are Insignia’s Bluetooth wireless headphones. It lets mobile warriors enjoy all their favorite tunes hands-free. Click here for first picture in gallery.


For anyone considering an iPod alternative, add the Insignia NS-2V17B to your shortlist. At $89.99, it’s more than just a basic media player, offering video playback capabilities, an e-book reader, photo viewer, PlayForSure compatibility, and an FM tuner. Best of all, free video conversion software is included in the package. While the Insignia NS-BTHDP Bluetooth headphones complement the player, priced at $49.99. Pairing the device was simple and took approximately 2-3 seconds. Sound quality was good and smooth — no interference was experienced.

Bottom Line

Though the player and headphones may be priced lower than comparable models, they definitely are no slouches. So if you’re looking for an affordable digital media player, check out the Insignia NS-2V17B.

Interface Preview

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