Danny Bowman, a 19-year-old from England, could quite possibly be the world’s first self-confessed selfie addict. At his lowerst point, he spent about 10-hours each day taking over 200 selfies. Eventually this addiction lead to him dropping out of school, not leaving his house for six-months, and losing 28-pounds. When his parents tried to stop him, Danny tried to commit suicide by overdosing on drugs. Continue reading for the news report and more information.

According to Dr. David Veal, one of the top psychiatrists at Danny’s clinic, selfie addiction is slowly gripping the nation. “Danny’s case is particularly extreme,” he said. “But this is a serious problem. It’s not just a vanity issue. It’s a mental health one which has an extremely high suicide rate.” Clicking selfies has been all the rage for the past five years or so, especially with celebrities. The word ‘selfie’ was named the ‘word of the year’ last year by Oxford English Dictionary – that’s how popular the phenomenon has become.

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