Teleoperation RC Car
Teleopertion is basically the act of controlling a device or machinne remotely, and Voysys has developed a 3D render engine just for this task, optimized for ultra short latency when handling massive volumes of video in real time. This engine can be used for teleoperation of cars, trucks, machines as well as high-end live 360° VR broadcasts at up to 8K resolution. Read more to see what you can do using this system and a remote-controlled car.

Vosys recently had a cylindrical dome installed at their office, and their system now supports calibrating it with several projectors and short-latency rendering, which means you can use it as a real-life racing simulator when paired with an R/C car. Their tests proved that teleoperation in a dome outperforms other screen alternatives like flat screens or even VR headsets.

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