Tenet Game Boy Advance Cartridge
H/t: Engadget
Originally announced as GBA-TV in 20023, Game Boy Advance Video is basically a format for putting full color, full-motion videos onto Game Boy Advance ROM cartridges. They can be played using the system’s screen and sound hardware, with the video cartridges manufactured by Majesco Entertainment. Unfortunately, they run in the same 240×160 resolution as standard Game Boy Advance games, aside for the Shrek and Shark Tale pack, which both play at 112p.

Since the movie is so long, Bob Wulff had to split the movie into five cartridges, as each one is only good for 30-minutes of video, or at least in a watchable state. There were still some sacrifices that had to be made, such as downgrading the movie to 6FPS with a resolution of 192×128 playing at an 8 KB/s bitrate. What you may not know is that Game Boy Advance cartridges typically range from 4 to 32 MB in size, and video cartridges can reach sizes of 64 MB.

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