Terrafugia TF-X Flying Car

Terrafugia announced this week that a full-sized unmanned TF-X flying car prototype will hit the streets in 2018. It will come equipped a 300-horsepower engine that’s good for a cruising speed of 200 mph and a 500-mile flight range, thanks to fold-out wings with twin electric motors attached to each end. These motors also enable the vehicle to move from a vertical to a horizontal position, while being semi-autonmous, so passengers can simply enter a destination in the computer before take off. Most importantly, it can automatically avoid other air traffic, bad weather, and even tower-controlled airspace. Click here to view the first image in today’s viral picture gallery. Continue reading for the five most popular viral videos today, including one of pro race car driver Danica Patrick going undercover as a Lyft driver.

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