Tesla Solar Trailer Range Extender Starlink
Photo credit: Adri
Spotted at Germany’s IdeenExpo, this Tesla Solar trailer is apparently a range extender for their EVs, complete with SpaceX Starlink high-speed internet. It features nine individual Tesla Solar panels, with each one producing approximately 300W, giving the entire array 2.7 kW of charging power. Starlink could be used for communications purposes in case of emergency where there is no cell coverage.

Tesla Solar Trailer Range Extender Starlink
How much does SpaceX’s Starlink internet service typically cost? Around $600 USD for the hardware alone, and then about $110-$135 per month depending on your location. Speedtest Intelligence revealed that the Starlink median download speeds in the US averaged 90.55 Mbps in Q1 2022, which is more than to be used for calling for emergency services if necessary. For recreational purposes, there’s the Polydrops P17X Explorer trailer, which can also charge electric vehicles.

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Tesla Solar Trailer Range Extender Starlink

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