Themis Hybrid Unmanned Ground Vehicle

The THeMIS (Tracked Hybrid Modular Infantry System) is a multi-mission, unmanned ground vehicle (UGV), developed by Estonia-based defence and security services provider Milrem, could be the ultimate war weapon. It’s designed for a range of military missions in dangerous or hard-to-reach areas, as THeMIS can be configured for different roles including reconnaissance, observation, target acquisition, communications relay, logistics support platform, rescue, fire-fighting, and medical evacuation (medevac). Continue reading for another video and more information.

“The THeMIS multi-purpose infantry system can be armed with a variety of weaponry such as anti-tank missiles, machine guns and remote control weapon station (RCWS) to engage light armoured vehicles. The THeMIS ADDER variant features ADDER RCWS developed by ST Kinetics. The ADDER weapon station is compatible with weapons including 7.62mm general-purpose machine gun, 12.7mm machine gun, 40mm automatic grenade launcher (CIS 40 AGL), and CIS 50MG machine gun. The onboard video tracking system allows engagement of both stationary and moving targets. The ADDER also features day and night imaging cameras, a laser rangefinder and an optional 40mm air-bursting munition system,” reports Army-Technology.

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