Slice of Sauce Ketchup

These days, there are Kickstarter crowd funding campaigns for just about everything, including “Slice of Sauce”. Invented by Emily Williams, co-founder of Bo’s Fine Foods, these ketchup slices are described as an individual slice of flavor-packed condiment offering a portable, convenient, clean label experience. They are mess free, and a solution to those who don’t want soggy bread when they add the condiment to their meal. continue reading for another video and more information.

“Obviously, Slice of Sauce will never completely replace ketchup. It can’t be mixed in complex sauces or dressings, and you can’t dip fries and other treats in it, but when it comes to burgers and sandwiches, it aims to become a superior alternative to the centuries-old liquid condiment. Apart from fixing the sogginess and dripping problems, Bo’s Fine Foods sliced ketchup is made with all natural ingredients, ditching the artificial flavors, preservatives, or high-fructose corn syrup that are used by most regular ketchup brands,” reports Oddity Central.

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