Wattway Solar Road

In some parts of the world, you’ll find musical roads that hum as you drive over them, but Wattway plans to install 621-miles of solar photovoltaic panels over the next five years in France. The government plans to supply renewable power for 5-million people. Just 13-feet of solar road is enough to power one household’s energy needs, while one 3,281-feet can supply enough electricity for 5,000 inhabitants. Click here to view more pictures of the solar road. Continue reading for another video.

“The solarized roads will be covered with Wattway panels, a technology that took five years to develop and can be glued directly on top of existing pavement. The panels harvest solar energy using a thin film of polycrystalline silicon. The seven-millimeter-thick strips are rugged enough to withstand all types of traffic, including the weight of a 6-axle truck, and provide enough traction to prevent skids,” reports Inhabitat.