Lincoln Zephyr V12 Motorcycle

You could either settle for a normal motorcycle, or get one from Olson’s, a tuning shop that specializes in building custom motorcycles powered by large engines. One of their most notable projects is a motorcycle powered by a Lincoln-Zephyr flathead V12, which are similar to the Ford flathead V8s except they are a 75° angle V instead of a 90°. Continue reading to see a Lamborghini V12-powered motorcycle by Chuck Beck.

“As mentioned earlier, the V12 came from a Lamborghini that was lost to a fire (a Countach, if I had to guess by the valve covers). The engine was more or less untouched by the flames, so while the rest of the car was scrapped, the V12 was sent to Chuck’s garage for a second chance at life. If most people came into possession of an old Lamborghini’s V12, they might stare at it for a while and turn it into a coffee table or try to stuff it in another car. Neither of those options are as awesome as cramming into a motorcycle though, so naturally,” according to Hooniverse.

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