O Smart Ring

There are plenty of smartphones, smart watches, and now this O Smart Ring. Featuring a 64×32 monochrome OLED display, it lets you receive and reply to notifications directly from your cell phone. It’s powered by the NRF51822 chip set the ring has an ARM-M0 embedded microprocessor running at 16mhz, complete with 256k of flash and 16k of RAM. Continue reading to see it in-action and for more information.

According to its creator, Kevin Bates, “The device is programmed using the mbed developer software which is a cloud based development platform for a wide variety of ARM chips. Very cool log in from any computer or tablet and drag and drop programming via USB. A small circuit board was fabricated to attach the OLED screen directly to the processor chip. This combined with a 40mah rechargeable lithium polymer battery all fits snugly within a 3d printed enclosure.”


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