Leif eSnowboard

When you combine an electric skateboard with the riding style of a snowboard, you get the Leif eSnowboard. In other words, the ride features wide trucks in front and back, with a a narrow caster wheel in the center that’s set on a rotating plate and powered by a dedicated 2,000-watt brushless electric motor. This acts as a third wheel capable of spinning 360°, sharpening the board’s turning capabilities with omnidirectional driven power. This 360-degree power allows the board to mimic the floaty, low-friction turning power that a snowboard has courtesy of the snow underneath its waxy base. Continue reading for a video more pictures and additional information.

“The LEIF’s speed is controlled by a wireless remote that the makers say simply will not fall out of your hand. When it comes to braking, the intuitive snowboard mechanics remain intact: just slide to a stop. LEIF weighs 15 lbs., features an 8-mile range with mixed riding style, and takes about an hour to recharge,” says Hi Consumption.


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