Nissan Self-Parking Slippers

There’s self-parking cars, and then Nissan’s innovative self-parking slippers, which greet guests at ‘ProPilot Park Ryokan’. After you’ve finished wearing them, the slippers automatically drive themselves back to their original position, thanks to two small wheels, a motor, and sensors. “The self-parking slippers are meant to raise awareness of automated driving technologies, and their potential, non-driving applications,” said Nissan spokesman Nick Maxfield. Continue reading for the full video demonstration and more information.

“The inn, located in the resort town of Hakone, about 75 kilometers (47 miles) southwest of Tokyo, is currently most famous for its view of Mount Fuji. However, the new self-driving slippers, which will be released by Nissan in March, will likely soon be the defining feature of the high-tech lodge. In addition to the automated slippers, Tatami-matted guestrooms feature floor cushions and traditional low tables that also wheel themselves back into place after use,” according to Oddity Central.