Photo credit: Julian Calverley

Julian Calverley has been using the iPhone exclusively to take pictures, ever since the iPhone 2G hit the market. Simply put, he’s a British-born professional photographer that’s taken jobs for companies in the advertising, photographing landscapes, lifestyle, automotive and underwater industries, including Mercedes and Virgin. He’s just “released a book called #IPHONEONLY that shows the incredible landscapes of Scotland, or, more specifically, Glen Orchy and Glen Etive,” says My Modern Met. The book is a collection of 60 images that have all been captured on an iPhone and then processed on the Snapseed app. Continue reading to see more.

My Modern Met says: “Often when he’s out in the landscape, he’ll find himself waiting for a certain quality of light or sea state, or for weather to change, and it’s those moments when he’ll often take a picture or two with his phone camera. Sometimes it is simply to record the scene in front of him, other times to take a portrait of his ALPA camera, a sort of ‘lonely selfie’ or memento, from simply being there, and often when scouting a location, the camera acts as a visual notebook, to record specific locations to which he’ll return to.”



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