Vincent Laforet Gotham 7.5K

Photo credit: Vincent Laforet via Laughing Squid

These look like Gotham City shots from The Dark Knight, but it’s just New York City shot by filmmaker Vincent Laforet for his “Gotham 7.5K”. All of the photos were captured during a helicopter ride at night, with camera strapped to a special body harness to enable Foret to safely lean out to get the spectacular shots from 7,500-feet above ground. The photographer and filmmaker says: “Let’s just start off by saying this was the scariest helicopter ‘photo mission’ of my career…And the most beautiful I was finally able to capture some of the images that I’ve dreamed of capturing for decades. I was recently on assignment for Men’s Health Magazine and I proposed shooting the city from an unusually high altitude so that we could capture the lines that are formed by the streets of New York at night. It was an article about psychology and I’ve always thought that from a high altitude the streets looked like brain ‘synapses’ – at least to me.” Click here to view the first image in this week’s funny work pictures gallery. Continue reading to see how people answer the phone in 10 languages.

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