Sewer Pipe Hotel Austria

Sewer pipes and hotel rooms usually aren’t used in the same sentence, but Das Park Hotel is definitely an exception. Designer Andreas Strauss created an entire hotel using old sewage pipes, called “Das Park Hotel”. It’s located in Ottensheim, Austria, within each 6.5-foot diameter pipe there are paintings by Austrian artist Thomas Latzel Ochoa, along with a small window for natural light to enter. Other amenities include a double-bed, storage space, and even a small charging station for your gadgets. How much does it cost? It’s “ay as you wish” system that lets guests pay exactly what they think their stay was worth. Continue reading for a video and more information.

“The hotel, which runs from May to October every year, allows stays of up to three days. Guests who’ve successfully reserved a spot will receive a security code that’ll allow them to access their “room.” Dasparkhotel generally depends on existing public use facilities in the surrounding area for amenities like toilets, showers, mini bar, and a cafeteria, but last year at the Ottensheim location, Strauss added a “Sanitube” that packs a toilet and sink into another one of those massive reclaimed pipes,” reports Curbed.