Celebrity Dolls Repainted

You normally pass by these dolls and action figures in the toy section of many stores, but have you ever wondered what they’d look like if an artist repainted their faces? Noel Cruz specializes in this, and the Katniss Everdeen doll you see above, fetched $2500 on eBay. The process usually starts by first re-trimming, re-dying the doll’s hair, scratching off all the existing paint, and then using a set of tiny brushes to re-paint the details. Continue reading to see many more of his masterpieces as well as a link to his website.


Cruz’s website adds: “His repaints as well as his portraits are done with intricate detail to the point of being naturally lifelike in essence. What defines Noel’s style of repaint is his focus in achieving a sense of both aesthetics and likeness.” More information.