Hyperlapse Google Maps

Photo credit: Matteo Archondis via Peta Pixel

Graphic design student Matteo Archondis created an incredible visual hyperlapse tour of the world using 3,305 screenshots that were taken entirely within Google Maps. It took him 2 days of work to compile all of the images, and then he spent countless hours over a week editing them together. “Thanks to the developer tools of Google Chrome, I was able to remove all the items that interfered with the user experience. I also removed the labels so that the final image could be as clean and realistic as possible, so that I could concentrate on the camera movements as if it was in real life,” said Archondis. Continue reading for seven places you aren’t allowed to see on Google Maps. Click here for a few bonus images of sights captured on Google Street View.

Google Maps is one of the most amazing pieces of technology to come out of Silicon Valley.

You can explore the entire world without ever leaving the comfort of your living room. However, there are a few places on Earth that Google won’t let you see.

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