Robotic Cockroach

At first glance, this appears to be a creepy crawly normally found scuttering around your home, but it’s actually a robot. This miniature cockroach, which movie autonomously at speeds up to 12-inches per second, has been fitted with photosensitive sensors and could be equipped with cameras. As you can see in the video above, its movement is similar to that of the Blaberus giganteus cockroach found in South America. Continue reading to see this robo-roach in action.

“It is slightly smaller than the giagnteus, but its movements and appearance are otherwise identical. This species is often known as ‘dead-head’ due to its distinct patterns. They studied the insects precise movements and behaviours and spent two months making sure their robotic version mimicked these as close as possible. Planned uses for the robo-insects include performing scout and reconnaissance missions, in addition to being able to search for people in the debris of earthquakes or similar,” according to Mail Online.