While it may look like a futuristic vehicle from the next TRON movie, it’s just the Toyota FV2 (Fun Vehicle 2). The company claims the bike, while autonomous (self-driving), will be ‘driving fun in the future’ by reading your emotions and providing information on its augmented reality display. It features four wheels – one at the rear, two in the middle and one at the front – and at the top of the bike is a sliding panel that closes when the bike is not in use. After unlocking, the bike will slide the panel up, allowing you to sit in the middle and also provide an interactive display on the panel’s interior. With this display, you can then give the bike a destination you wish to travel to. Continue reading for a video and more information.

The Daily Mail reports, “As mentioned earlier, the interior of the upright panel has an interactive display on which, among other things, you can enter destinations and view traffic reports. But the FV2 also reads emotions and can adjust its driving accordingly. The windshield, for example, changes colour with your mood. If you’re angry it will appear red, alerting other drivers to your agitated state of mind. It will only turn green when you’re in a better mood. And if you were upset, the FV2 might suggest going to one of your favorite spots to relax.”