Photo credit: Volcanos Melt Me Down / Reddit

Reddit user VolcanosMeltMeDown stumpbled upon an ice cave near the Skaftafell glacier with her Icelandic boyfriend, who just so happened to have a special surprise in store for her. With the stunning snowy banks, flowing streams, gigantic icicles, and massive blocks of curved ice in stunning shades of blue, this fantasy world-like cave is a photographer’s dream come true. Continue reading for more pictures and information.

According to the My Modern Met, the Redditor “her boyfriend tried to take her to this cave back in January, but the river was too big to let them go inside at the time. This time, however, nature was on their side, allowing the marriage proposal to unfold in the most spectacular setting imaginable. As we can see from the photo of the happy couple kissing, VolcanosMeltMeDown said yes.”