Real Cliff Home

This isn’t an optical illusion, but rather a real five-story home that hangs off the edge of a cliff, designed by Australian prefab architecture specialists Modscape Concept. Its design was inspired by the shape of barnacles clinging to a hull of a ship, and it extends off the side of a cliff, rather than sitting directly on it. Simply put as possible, the prefabricated modules are arranged in a vertical floor plan, with the rooms stacked atop each other and held securely in place with engineered steel pins. Continue reading to see what it looks like inside.

Cliff House

Inhabitat reports, “Residents would enter at the floor level with the cliff top, which includes an outdoor patio adjacent to their parking space. An elevator or stairs connects each floor, with the bedroom, living area and kitchen each having separate space on the various floors. The interior features minimal furniture throughout, in order to emphasize the connection to the ocean and the horizon. At the lowest floor, the home opens up to another outdoor space, which seems to float above the water.”