Neil Armstrong Camera

Neil Armstrong, he first man to walk on the moon, kept a bag of Apollo 11 mementos stashed away in his Ohio house for more than 40 years between the mission and his death. Inside the bag, there was a 16mm movie camera and 10mm lens that first shot Apollo 11’s descent to the moon’s surface through a window on the lunar module. Other items included tools, helmet straps and cables taken aboard the Lunar Module Eagle for the landing. These were all supposed to have remained on the lunar surface to keep the weight down. Continue reading for the full 3-hour Apollo 11 NASA footage.

“The most valuable object in the hidden trove of artifacts is the camera, which was called the ‘Data Acquisition Camera’ and mounted on the lunar module. It captured the astronauts climbing down a ladder to the moon’s surface and planting the US flag.A mirror device found also helped the astronauts orientate the lunar module for the last 150 feet before docking with the command module orbiting the moon,” according to The Daily Mail.


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