We have seen the future of guitars, and it’s the Misa Digital Kitara. Technically speaking, it’s a digital MIDI controller and musical instrument. In other words, it enables musicians to produce a synthesized sound using techniques and motions similar to actual guitar playing. It’s built in the shape of an electric guitar, complete with a full twenty-four fret neck. Continue reading for a video and more information.

Misa Digital’s Kitara was basically the first digital musical instrument to make use of a touch-button strings/frets, along with an 8″ multi-touch display. Players control the sound effects and parameters through with the display, as opposed to strumming strings like on a traditional guitar. This Linux-powered instrument uses an internal wavetable synthesizer with effects to generate sound. Since Linux is open-source, you are also able to reprogram the Kitara, modifying existing sounds, and even program new ones. In a nutshell, it’s designed to produce the sounds of a synthesizer through the playing style of a guitar.


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