Laucala Island Resort Pool

Most tropical island resorts are known for their infinity pools, but Laucala Island Resort is one of the few (or only) with an above-ground pool that boasts transparent glass panes at the ends. Spanning over 3,500 acres, this private luxury resort features mesmerizing lagoons, breathtaking beaches, and magnificent coconuts plantations as well as lush green vegetation that covers the entire mountainside. Continue reading for more images and information.

Laucala Island Resort

” The resort consists of 25 villas, all of which are decked out with everything you need to enjoy your stay in paradise including outdoor showers, wrap around patios, and private infinity pools. Not to mention the fact that the entire suite opens up to those breathtaking panoramic ocean views. Maybe you don’t feel like sitting around, doing nothing all day (although we’re not sure why), there’s still plenty of activities to participate in. The resort offers everything from diving and rain forest tours to a more adrenaline packed quad bike adventure,” says Hi Consumption.