Ever wonder why you rarely, if ever, see meteorologists wear green clothing? Well, it’s for a good reason, and “out of style” is not one of them. Let’s just say that it almost gives off the illusion of an invisibility cloak. Continue reading for two videos and more pictures.


The FOX 2 weathergirl wasn’t on duty this time and took the rare opportunity to wear a green outfit for the day – and have some fun with it live on air at that. The reason green is avoided is down to the chroma key, a special effects technique used for layering two images or video streams together in order to remove the background from the subject of a photo or video.

The image behind is revealed when the color range in the top layer is made transparent. Green – and blue – is commonly used because they differ most in hue from human skin. If the weather presenter wears the same colour as the background, their clothes will be replaced with the background video or image, in this case the weather maps.



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