Grotto Sauna

This may look like a scene from Interstellar (water planet), but it’s just The Grotto by the Partisans Design Group. This 800-square-foot relaxation space sits on a rocky shore looking out onto Lake Huron, just north of Toronto. What sets this apart from others is that each of the sauna’s tile segments is built from a three-dimensional model using local moisture-resistant cedar wood. A skylight bathes the interior in natural light. Continue reading for more pictures and information.

“The wood-clad design was almost entirely constructed before being transported to the live site by boat and the designers used 3D technology to to scan, model and build the entire cave-like setup. There are several circular windows, and even a large skylight above letting plenty of natural light through while at the same time giving visitors the ability enjoy the stunning surrounding scenery,” reports Hi Consumption.