Ann Arbor Fairy Doors

They’re officially known as the Fairy Doors of Ann Arbor, and this series of tiny hidden first one appeared in the baseboards of the home of Jonathan and Kathleen Wright in 1993. Subsequently several others were discovered in their home; in the fireplace surround and two in the kitchen. On April 7, 2005 the first was seen in public on the exterior of Sweetwaters Coffee and Tea. Since then, ten more have shown up around Ann Arbor (as well as a “goblin door” parody), and seven of the original “public” doors still exist.

Fairy Doors

The fairy doors have taken on a cult following in Ann Arbor and surrounding small towns such as Dexter where the first rural fairy door and its portal can be found. The local children leave gifts in the hopes that real fairies will receive them. Some presents left at the doors include pennies and nickels, drawings, tiny packages, candies, and shiny rocks. Some of the doors, like the one found in Sweetwaters, have guestbooks nearby for visitors to write reflections, stories, draw fairies, and ask questions. Sometimes a “fairy” will answer the questions in the journals.