Wood Cabin Man Cave

Photo credit: Reddit

From all angles, this looks like a real rustic wood cabin in the woods, but it’s actually a clever illusion, or a basement to be exact. That’s right, Reddit user Kelhans wanted to combine his love of hunting and man caves, so he decided to spend $107 on materials to create the awesome relaxing space you see above. Continue reading for the entire build process and more information.

Man Cave

Kelhans sourced an old crate wood that a local metal company was using for shipping and then used a draw knife to make each board look it was actually hand cut. Next, a fake roof was installed to make the plumbing easier to access, while fake columns are used to cover steel floor supports for atmosphere. Believe it or not, even the fireplace is fake, though it’s made of real stone and reclaimed barn wood, along with authentic burn marks on the floor.

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