Portable Power Banks

We have come across our fair share of portable power banks over the years, and most of them are just not made for portability. They are either too bulky or just not slim enough to fit comfortably in a pocket or small bag. Innovative Technology have three models for anyone who needs power on the go, ranging from a slim credit card-sized device to a larger model with built-in connectors so you never have to bring cables along. Continue reading for our review.

2,000mAh Slim Power Bank

One thing you will notice right off the bat is just how slim this portable power bank really is. There are bright blue LED indicators that show just how much power is left. Inside the package, you’ll find a leather carrying case with a money / credit card slot, a miniUSB connector and a miniUSB to USB connector. We found charging to be very fast and easy, whether it be a smartphone or tablet. It definitely fit the pocket test with flying colors, as it did not feel bulky at all. Product page.

2,200mAh Round Power Stick

Let’s face it, sometimes you just need a little bit of power to get you through the day, or a phone call. That’s where this power stick comes in. You won’t find a flashlight or other unnecessary extras, just a USB port to plug a charging cable in. We noticed that despite its size, the power stick charged all of our devices just as quickly as the largest capacity model. Product page.

5,200mAh Power Bank with Built-In Connectors

For mobile warriors who demand the ultimate in portable power, look no further than this 5200mAh model with built-in connectors. As you can see from the hands-on-images above, there is a Lightning connector as well as a miniUSB integrated directly into the unit. Simply pull either (or both) of them out for extremely fast charging. There’s even a third USB port located on the bottom of this unit that enables you to charge three devices simultaneously. Don’t have a computer around or extra charger handy? Just plug this device directly into a wall outlet, and you’ll be charged up in no time. Product page.

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