360Fly 4K Camera

360Fly may look like a toy at first, but at the press of a button, this spherical device starts recording 360° footage in 4K resolution. That’s right, it cuts out all the manual work that involves painstakingly stitching together all video clips, and automatically records in ultra high definition. It comes equipped with 64GB of internal memory to store all those files. Continue reading for a video review and more information. Click here to view a few bonus images of some gadgets you might want, but probably don’t need.

“The 360fly 4K will be priced at $500 – a $100 premium over the original. While the previous 360fly may have been unique in 2014, several 360-degree cameras have emerged that could give it some serious competition, including ones from Samsung, LG, Nikon, and Ricoh. But from the sample videos on the 360fly website, the picture quality doesn’t look too bad – considering it’s using just one lens – so it may be able to hold its own just fine,” according to Digital Trends.

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