Earthroamer Expedition Vehicle

It looks like a typical camper truck on the outside, but step inside the Ford F-550 based EarthRoamer XV-LTS? You’ll be surprised at just how luxurious it really is. It’s essentially a compact, energy-efficient, solar-powered luxury apartment on wheels, powered by a twin-turbo diesel engine. Inside, you’ll find a kitchenette set, complete with flameless diesel stove, a loft bed, lots of cabinets, a cassette toilet and lots more. Continue reading for two more videos and additional information.

“EarthRoamer is also not for the faint of heart in adventures or pocketbook [$475,000]. The pricing certainly puts the average RV buyer at a disadvantage, but not unlike the full-timer, these Xpedition Vehicles are also being used as a primary residence and for the off-roader RV enthusiast. This brings a whole new dimension to RV’ing and full-timing. You can take this RV anywhere. This is a rough and tough vehicle with the classy interior to make off-roading an incredible, can-do adventure wherever the road, or dirt path, or your imagination takes you,” according to Roaming Times.

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