What you’re looking at above is the $161,000 Fisheye-Nikkor 6mm f/2.8s lens, which was first introduced in 1972. It has an incredible picture angle of 220° – 40° wider than standard fisheye lenses. At 11.4-pounds, it boasts 12 glass elements and was originally developed for special scientific and industrial use where wider-than-180° picture coverage is required in surveillance work, photographing the interiors of pipes, boilers, conduits, cylinder bores and other constricted areas. Continue reading for three videos and more information.

According to Mir.com.my, “the 6mm f/2.8s Fisheye-Nikkor has an automatic diaphragm, permitting thru-the-lens viewing and focusing, and is able to meter-coupled for TTL exposure control with all applicable Nikon SLR camera models. Its relatively fast f/2.8 speed is a valuable aid for photography under dim lighting conditions, or where faster shutter speeds are imperative. The lens also contains 5 built-in filters as its large, front protruding lens element makes it impossible to use any lens accessories at its front section.”

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