Stained Glass Solar Panel

Let’s face it, solar panels are an eyesore, especially on rooftops, but the Current Window aims to change that. Created by Dutch designer Marjan van Aubel, this beautiful stained glass window generates an electrical current by harvesting the energy created when sunlight hits a colored pigment – similar to photosynthesis in a plant – and sends that power to a USB port in the window ledge. Continue reading for more pictures and information.

Stained Glass Solar
Stained Glass Solar

Marjan van Aubel says: “The glass pieces are made of ‘Dye Sensitised Solar Cell’, which use the properties of color to create an electrical current – just like photosynthesis in plants. Similarly to the various shades of green chlorophyll absorbing light, the colored window panes harness energy.” The generated energy can then be used to power small appliances via a USB port in the window ledge, which can charge a standard smartphone in about seven hours.


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