Star Wars Fan Force Awakens Early

Daniel Fleetwood is a Star Wars fanatic who was diagnosed with a rare form of connective tissue cancer and given only two months to live back in June. Thankfully, he has outlived the original prognosis, but may not make it past next month. One of his dying wishes was to see “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” and Disney made it happen with a un-edited screener containing footage that most will not be able to see until it hits Blu-ray and digital formats next year. Continue reading for another video and more information.

“To all our wonderful supporters, friends, family and awesome strangers: Daniel’s final dream was just granted!!! Today the wonderful Disney and Lucasfilms made his final dream come true, in the amazing typical Disney way, they really do make dreams come true!

Daniel just finished watching an unedited version of Star Wars: The Force Awakens!!! We would like to thank the awesomely talented JJ Abrams for calling us yesterday to tell us Daniel was getting his wish granted!

We also would like to thank Lynne, Ben and Anahuac for coming to our home and screening the movie for Daniel. Lastly I want to thank ALL the amazing people who helped make this happen, thank you beyond words!!! May the force be with you all ‪#‎forcefordaniel‬,” said his wife, Ashley.

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