Seinfeld Fish Tank

Photo credit: Matt Davidson / Reddit

Seinfeld fanatic and Reddit Matt Davidson (known as matttheman11 on the social media website) decided tribute to his favorite series by transforming an old television into a fully-functional aquarium resembling Jerry’s famous Upper West Side apartment. Despite how complex this project may seem at first, it only took Davidson some basic tools, and approximately 6-8 hours of time to complete. Inside, you’ll find his fish named after the cast of Seinfeld characters: Jerry, George, Kramer, Elaine, and Newman. Continue reading to see more pictures of the build process.

Seinfeld's Apartment

“The first step was to dismantle the old TV set, which Davidson purchased on Craigslist for only $30. Taking extra care to avoid risking electrocution, Davidson removed the TV itself, leaving the wooden cabinet intact. He fitted the fish tank inside the frame, and then proceeded to decorate the space with laminated background images and furniture that he made out of fish-safe modeling clay. After filling the tank with water, the aquarium was ready for its residents,” reports My Modern Met.

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